Find Out the Difference Between Event Activation and Event Organizer

You are certainly familiar with the term event organizer. However, what do you know about activation events? Even though they sound the same, both of them are different. What is the difference between event activation and event organizer? The event organizer is a professional service provider to host an event, EO is to assist clients in planning, preparation, execution, conference and events manager. The responsibility is from the beginning until it’s over. The client only monitors whether the activity is running smoothly.

Meanwhile, event activation is a turnkey project that aims at marketing or activating certain product or service brands. The term turnkey refers to something ready and structured from the beginning to the end. In other words, this service sells the concept of activating a brand, starting from marketing strategies, designing the displays, event selection, procurement and logistics, implementing, and evaluation.

From the describes above, does the difference between event activation and event organizer look alike? So you can understand in more detail, let’s look at the explanation below.

Event Organizer

EO has a broader working realm. The brand activation events are one of a lot of events held by EO, depending on their specialization. The several types of EO that are often found in Indonesia are:

1. One-stop service agency, EO usually has experience in handling various types of events, from local to an international scale.

2. Meeting Incentive Convention Exhibition. This type of EO focus on meetings, conventions, or exhibitions.

3. Brand activation, specifically helping clients promote their brands to increase sales and brand awareness on their market target.

4. Entertainment and music, organizes various kinds of art performances and music concerts, both domestic and foreign musicians.

5. Wedging organizers, specialists from traditional to modern weddings.

6.Party organizer, specialist organizers of various types of parties, such as bridal showers, birthday parties, wedding anniversary parties, or baby showers.

Event Activation

The purpose of organizing event activation is to build public awareness of the presence of a brand, whether it is the products or services. Then, you will get to know the term brand activation as a more specific event. It’s not the time for you to just launch a product/service, advertise in various media, and wait for consumers or media to respond to the product.

If you can hold a quality event that able to attract consumers and the media, then there’s no need to bother hunting down the press to cover your new brand. If this event is successful, then the media will look for you. Therefore, special tricks are needed to make your company’s brand activation event runs smoothly as expected, like:

1. It is okay to associate with other brands more well-known when doing brand activation. It’s great to build your customer base and reputation.

2. Impressively pack the event to spark consumer and media curiosity, including an attractive booth display or create a gimmick

3. Encourage consumers to try the product or services you offer. This interactive experience encourages consumers to be more aware.

By uhileds