Benefits of Lime for Diet and Proper Serving Method


There are so many benefits of lime. Lime is a fruit that is often found in various regions. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and water. Apart from being a food complement, lime also has many benefits.

One of the benefits of lime is for weight loss or diet. Lime contains citric acid which is useful to increase metabolism to burn more calories and help reduce fat in the body.

However, limes have other benefits for the diet. Summarized from Hellosehat and various sources, here is the full review.

Why Lime Can Help You Lose Weight?

Vitamin C contained in lime has an important role because besides being able to boost the body’s immunity, this nutrient can also burn fat when someone is exercising.

Besides being able to help the detoxification process, lime can also cleanse the liver and purify the blood. In fact, lime can also provide alkaline or alkaline properties in the body.

Eating lime without being balanced with a healthy lifestyle will not be able to help you lose weight. Apart from consuming lime, you also have to balance it by maintaining a diet, exercising diligently and not allowing yourself to be stressed. This is because there is no food or drink which, if consumed alone, can lose weight.

After knowing the content in lime, here are the benefits of lime for the diet that you need to know.

Maximizes Fat Burning

The first benefit of lime is that it can maximize fat burning. Lime is rich in antioxidants, citric acid and vitamin C.

Reporting from Hellosehat, a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2005 showed that the substances contained in lime can burn fat up to 30 percent more while doing activities and exercising. This is because the content in lime can accelerate the body’s metabolic system.

Helps Smooth Digestion

If you have digestive problems, try to consume lime juice. Lime contains flavonoid compounds that are beneficial for the body. These compounds can increase the production of enzymes the body needs to break down food.

The flavonoids in lime can help improve your digestion. That way, the body will not accumulate too much leftover toxins and food. Accumulated substances from leftovers can make the waist and stomach widen, which will make a person look fatter.

Delay Hunger

Eating lime can help your diet program. This is because lime offers water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

Both of these fibers can help you feel full without excessive calories. As previously known, eating vegetables and fruits that are like fiber can help you feel fuller for longer.

How to serve it the right way

so that the diet using lime can be optimal, you must pay attention to how it is served properly.

1. Use warm water

When making a drink with lime, it’s best to use warm water. This is because besides being easier for the body to digest, warm water can also help the metabolic process so that the results will be more effective.

2. No added sugar

To be more optimal, serve lime juice without sugar. But if you are not used to it, then just add a little sugar. Henceforth, reduce the sugar dose so that the tongue gets used to drinking lemon water without sugar.

3. Combination with ginger

You can also combine lime juice with ginger. Ginger has the benefit of stimulating metabolism and making the body burn calories faster. In addition, by combining lime and ginger, will help maximize the diet program.

How to make it quite easy, blender 2 inches of fresh ginger with a large glass of water, then strain the pulp. Then add the juice of 1 lime.

4. Infused lime water

Infused water is currently a health trend. You can also try it using lime. You can make infused lime water. You do this by chopping the lime and put it in your drinking bottle.

5. Use as a topping

Besides being made for drinks, you can also use lime juice for food topping or seasoning. For example, like squeezing the water into soup, meatballs, salads and so on.

Take Supplements

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Don’t Rely on the Lime Diet

losing weight must be balanced with a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and physical activity. Exercising to increase calorie expenditure and be active is a method that should not be missed when running on a diet.

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