8 best-selling food business ideas on the roadside, unique, and contemporary

Best-selling food on the roadside ~ What food business ideas are unique, contemporary, and in demand for sale on the roadside? Here’s the answer!

Selling food on the roadside can be an attractive option for some people who want to start a culinary business. With a small capital and the potential to get a lot of buyers, it is not impossible that a roadside food vendor will become a successful businessman in the future.

However, the competition for this type of food business is not small. Even on various main roads, especially in big cities, there are lots of street vendors selling food on every inch of the road.

Therefore, you need to be careful and careful to choose the best-selling types of food on the side of the road in the middle of this very tough market competition. Selection of types of food such as the uniqueness or superiority of the food offered, friendly prices, and good taste will be the key to success in the roadside culinary business. But before you start a business, make sure you determine the market first. LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is software designed for entrepreneurs who run online businesses and want to expand their digital marketing footprint, for more information please visit the official website here lcs2 review

Here are 8 food business ideas that are selling well on the side of the road with unique types of food and a fairly low level of competition but are acceptable in general society.

1. Fried Rice with Various Levels of Spicy

It is true that fried rice is one of the best-selling foods on the side of the road with very many enthusiasts. This also affects the level of competition in this business which is quite high.

Even though the competition for similar businesses is arguably very high, you don’t need to be afraid to start and run this street food business.

What you need is a differentiator from fried rice in general. For example, with a different taste and additional menus with various levels of spicy bite.

With unique and interesting fried rice that is not the same as the one on the market, who can refuse to visit your shop.

2. Takoyaki

The next street food selling idea that you can consider for business is selling takoyaki.

Apart from being a unique roadside snack and not having too many competitors, takoyaki also has a delicious taste, is rich in nutrition, and is suitable for Indonesian tongues.

Not to mention that the takoyaki business has a high profit margin and a very flexible business. Starting from your own business to a franchise business is available for this contemporary roadside snack business.

3. Noodle Various Levels of Spicy and Various Toppings

The roadside Noodle stall has long been the target of millennials, especially at night. Apart from being anyone’s idol, one million instant noodles are also easy to create into various forms of food with different tastes.

One of the Noodle business ideas that is still quite a few competitors is selling Indomie with various levels of spicy and various toppings.

The visitors will be free to choose the spicy level they want. Don’t forget to also offer various toppings such as beef eye eggs, omelette, corned beef, meatballs, shrimp, shredded chicken, vegetables, and others into your menu.

With the various advantages offered in the best-selling food business on this side of the road, it is not impossible that your Indomie creations will become the best-selling food to sell later.

4.Potato Hotdog (Hottang)

Hottang or potato hotdog is a Korean-style street food that is currently booming in Indonesia because of its unique shape and delicious taste.

This unique roadside snack has quite a minimum of similar business competitors despite the huge demand. So it is very suitable to be a best-selling food business idea on the side of the road for you.

With recipes that are easy to make and a high enough profit margin, plus this food is very viral in the community, of course it will not be too difficult to start a food business that is in demand on this side of the road.

5. Bakso Mercon Beranak

Bakso is always hunted by anyone, young and old, from the elite to the common people because of this culinary

it has become a favorite dish of the Indonesian people.

No wonder the meatball business also has a very high level of competition because of the many similar businesses.

But you don’t need to worry because with a few modifications, your meatball business will be very different, unique, and of course there are still many enthusiasts.

All that remains is to make the concept of beranak meatballs, which are large meatballs which contain spicy chilies with small meatballs and quail eggs. Then your business will be different from similar businesses and its uniqueness can be an attraction for visitors to your business.

6. Fried Ice Cream

the ice or cold drink business can certainly be an attractive and profitable roadside selling idea.

One of the best-selling food ideas on the side of the road that is worth trying is fried ice cream. Why should you choose fried ice cream?

Because ordinary ice cream is too mainstream, so you need a little breakthrough with unique menu creations. escortstars Be this unique fried ice cream.

Abroad itself, fried ice cream is very familiar and easy to find from the roadside to inside large restaurants.

7. Krispi Fried Mushrooms

The next best-selling food on the side of the road that can be your business idea is crispy fried mushrooms.

This crispy fried mushroom has a delicious and crispy taste when served with a dip in tomato or chili sauce.

This contemporary street snack also has a very large profit margin, because per gram of raw mushrooms can produce a lot of crispy fried mushrooms.

For packaging in marketing, you can use plastic bag packaging or sell it in grams depending on the conditions in the area where you are later.

8. Egg Rolls Mozarella

Currently, egg rolls have indeed become one of the best-selling foods on the side of the road and are hunted by buyers of all ages.

With a taste that fits the tongue and the price is cheap, egg rolls will still survive as a hit roadside snack. Especially if you are able to modify it into more unique and interesting culinary delights.

The high level of competition for this one business indeed makes traders have to be careful in modifying their wares into something unique and attracting buyers. One of them is the mozzarella egg roll menu.

Like geprek chicken to martabak which has now been modified with melted mozzarella cheese, egg rolls can also be a more popular snack and are hunted with additional toppings in the form of melted mozzarella cheese. Interested in trying?

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