5 Activities to Build Teamwork Effectively

Maybe some of you find it difficult to develop team cooperation. You can’t think any more about the strategies and activities that should be done to make your team grow cohesively in cooperation. Seeing the various fragmented phenomena in a team that was started from the difference of opinion, it seems that it is quite difficult to develop cooperation that can bring your organization to an advantage

Every person has different characters, backgrounds, understandings, opinions, ideologies, and ways of communicating. However, each distinction will be beautiful if it collaborated harmoniously. If you are experiencing difficulties developing a team, the solution is Hidden Door, they have ways team building activities that are experienced in various companies.

Here are Various Activities to Build Teamwork:

Use Ice Breaking in the Meeting

When the meeting gets boring or may heat up, you need to take a rest for a while or arrange an ice-breaking that can break the boredom.

There are many things you can do without a large budget and you can develop close cooperation through various activities such as the following.

Hold a Mutual Event

Who likes sports? Companies can make togetherness events, for example by holding futsal sports together, basketball or hiking though.

  • The company can finance part of the field rent and the rest will be borne by the division members participating in the sports.
  • Futsal competitions between divisions can also increase your sense of brotherhood and of course the development of your cooperation.
  • Besides that, hiking together can be one of the fun agendas and it can be one of the strategies in developing cooperation strategy.

Visit Other Divisions

Each division sometimes wants to know the work carried out by other divisions. In a company, each division is related to the other, whether it is directly or indirectly.

You can develop cooperation with others by visiting other related divisions. This makes the members of your division know more about the company and they are increasingly aware of the importance of their work responsibilities to other divisions.

Outside Office Meeting

To make the fresh atmosphere, sometimes you can arrange a meeting that is located outside the office, such as in a coffee shop or café that is quite comfortable and cozy for a meeting place.

Sometimes ideas can be found in a new place, not a routine place.

Create a Mentoring Group

To increase the skills and abilities of members’ knowledge, you can create a mentoring group.

You can choose one of the other managers who have more ability or other seniors to be able to be a mentor to your members in understanding new knowledge.

This can also be done for new employees. By doing it, they will quickly learn and understand new knowledge that can help them in the work they handle.

By uhileds